We let our success speak for itself. Olympia International Group has assisted thousands of vacation property owners.

Our experience and credibility ensure you will receive attentive service from our team of vacation property professionals. Closing is simple. Once you have found the right exit solution and have transferred your vacation property ownership to someone else, you are free and clear of that liability.

We work with almost all vacation property resorts, allowing us to help owners in the USA and Canada. We can help you sell your vacation property, and in many cases, we offer other types of vacation property exit solutions, as well. Depending upon the value of your ownership, you may even qualify for a direct buy offer.

The vacation property real estate market is complex. Vacation property resale values vary by resort, ownership type, and usage type. Knowing your vacation property’s worth in today’s market is an important first step in selling your vacation property.

We want to make sure that you have all the resources you need to sell a vacation property, including reliable information about your property’s value and others like it.

If you are wondering what your vacation property is worth, don’t pay for an appraisal. Our resale experts can help you determine your vacation property’s value with NO OBLIGATION. Contact us today for immediate assistance.

Regardless of what you own, keep in mind that the more competitively you price your vacation property, the more interest you are likely to generate.

If you’ve tried to resell your vacation property in the past do not be discouraged. Today we can provide you with an offer to move forward from your vacation property once and for all.



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