How much is my membership really worth?

Keep in mind that Olympia International Group and the seller’s interests are directly aligned to maximize the sales price because the more the sellers get, the more Olympia International Group gets. Whether you are looking forward to renting or selling your property it is very important for you to know how much it is really worth. We would like to learn more about your property and if you are interested, we will provide you a free property evaluation. This way you know what is worth now. Get in contact with us TODAY! We are more than happy to aid you.

Is there any upfront fees?

We personally do not charge up-front fees, our commission is paid when we close the deal for you. When it comes to your property it always varies from resort to resort on what requirements they will ask for you to fulfill to sell your membership. We will provide you an itemized list of all necessary arrangements and costs so you know exactly what to expect before we start any legal process.

Can I save money if I buy and sell through you?

Absolutely! If you are selling more than one house or planning to both, sell and buy ask for a copy of our Client Rewards Program. We will mail or email it to you immediately!

What are the important documents to be checked before buying a property?

Once you have zeroed in on the home/property of your choice, it is necessary to check important documents closely before proceeding. Make sure to carry out a thorough search and check out the approved plan layout, the building plan, ownership documents etc. It is advisable, to seek professional legal help to verify the validity of the documents.



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